Calling all residents!

2022 CYCLE

The Civic Betterment Party is seeking candidates to run for the open positions below.

The Open positions are:

  • (3) Village Trustees
  • (3) Library Board Trustees

Fill out either application:

Fillable Application

  • Download the Fillable application.
  • Complete the application on your computer.
  • Save it, then email, or mail the completed application to us

PDF Printable Application

  • Download the printable application.
  • Complete the application by hand.
  • Mail it to our PO Box or
  • Scan into the computer, and email the completed application  to us

Once you have filled out your application

You can email your application to:

  • Josh Cattero, President, 



  • Zak Wilson, Nominating Committee Chair,


Or Mail us your application through the Mail to:

The Civic Betterment Party
P.O. Box 2576
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138

Hello Fellow Glen Ellyn Resident,


For the past 90 years, Glen Ellyn’s Civic Betterment Party has sought out and encouraged our town’s residents to serve in the vital roles of Village President, Village Trustee, Village Clerk, and Library Trustee. Organized in 1931 in response to financial burdens placed on village residents, Civic Betterment continues to be a unique volunteer organization without major political party affiliation or platform. Civic Betterment represents you, the citizens and taxpayers of Glen Ellyn, by enabling and inspiring your neighbors to fulfill the all-important duties that come with serving on our village and library boards. After nine decades, the Civic Betterment process and tradition remains as singular and distinctive as the village it serves.

Civic Betterment counts on the generous citizens of Glen Ellyn to preserve this unique process which allows our town’s residents to run for village-wide offices without the burden of raising campaign funds. We’ve all been subjected to the current political climate of partisan conflicts and astronomical spending. As such, we can all appreciate the model of our own local government and the process that makes it possible. Annually, we appeal to the citizens of the village to help Civic Betterment raise funds to cover the costs necessary to operate. While we strive to carry on this tradition on a tight budget, Civic Betterment does incur expenses including the nominating process, informational mailings and signage, website hosting, and the biennial Town Hall Meeting.

Your contribution of $25, $50, or any level of support, will help assure that Glen Ellyn continues to enjoy first-rate local government going forward and make certain that Civic Betterment can continue with its mission of “Neighbors Nominating Neighbors.” Current CBP by-laws limit contributions to $300 per citizen annually.

Please make your check payable to “Civic Betterment Party” and mail to: Civic Betterment Party, P.O. Box 2576, Glen Ellyn, IL 60138.



 Via PayPal, or Credit Card(The maximum contribution per household is $300 per year.)

Thank you very much for your consideration.