2018 Town Meeting

The Civic Betterment Party has slated candidates for Village and Library Trustee positions to be voted on at the Town Meeting on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Read the press release announcing the slate of candidates here.
NOTE:  This year’s town meeting will take place at the United Methodist Church, 424 Forest Avenue, Glen Ellyn, IL  due to renovations taking place at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center. Also, you will be asked to vote on the Minutes of the 2016 Town Meeting, so please read them.

Open Letter to the Citizens of Glen Ellyn

June 30, 2018

This is an open letter to the citizens of Glen Ellyn from the current and two immediate past presidents of the Civic Betterment Party of Glen Ellyn. We want to remind everyone what the Civic Betterment Party does and what it means for Glen Ellyn government. We urge everyone to understand our purpose and our process and participate in our town meeting in December.
The Civic Betterment Party is a non-partisan political organization whose only purpose is to provide a means for citizens to run for Village offices and serve the Village as elected officials without requiring them to raise funds or create a campaign organization. We are not affiliated with any traditional political party. The Civic Betterment Party has no platform or agenda. We exist to provide a means for citizens to serve their community with only the community’s best interest as the priority. We have done this successfully since 1931 and the Village remains well-run and fiscally sound without the partisan nonsense we see in higher levels of government.
The Civic Betterment Party nominates candidates for the offices of Village President, Village Clerk, Village Trustee and Library Trustee. These nominees are presented to the public for voting at a town meeting, which serves as a caucus style primary. The town meeting gives the voters a chance to meet the candidates, hear speeches and mingle with fellow citizens. The town meeting is held every two years in early December prior to the Spring Consolidated Elections. The next town meeting will be this December, most likely December 1.
The candidates that succeed at the town meeting are placed on the Illinois Consolidated Municipal Election ballot in the Spring. Again, our objective is to eliminate the need for candidates to raise funds and provide an opportunity for capable and interested citizens to serve their community. Our Village tradition (although not a Village or CBP rule) is for office holders to not run for re-election, giving others the chance to serve and allowing office-holders the freedom to make decisions without the concerns of re-election when executing their duties. We don’t discourage running for re-election, but provide a system that also does not favor incumbants.
As long-time participants in this process, we thank those who have participated in the past and encourage everyone to participate in the future. We would love to greatly increase our voter participation and the Village will benefit as well from greater interest and participation.
We also encourage anyone interested in standing as a candidate to contact current party officers to discuss their interest and the process. We exist to provide the opportunity and to make it as easy as possible for you to run. Our interest is to be inclusive and present as many qualified candidates to the voters as possible. We are open.
“…the gist of America really isn’t freedom. Freedom isn’t our secret. Our real secret is obligation. It’s internalized obligation. That’s what makes freedom possible.”
– Lawrence Mead, New York University
Erik Ford – Civic Betterment Party President

Alex Demos – CBP Past President, Former Village President

Dean Clark – CBP Past President, Former Village Trustee