Voting Results 2014 – CBP Nominees

Votes have been tallied from the Town Meeting. Village Trustee nominees will run as “Citizens Nominating Party” candidates in the general election.

Village Trustee – Top three will be party nominees
John Kenwood   – 407
Mark Senak        – 349
Carol Fontana    – 347
Pete Ladesic        – 326


 Glen Ellyn Library Trustee candidates will run as individuals.

Library Trustee – Top four will be party nominees
Molly McGinnis Knapke   – 345
Barbara Rundell              – 325
Jill Clouse                        – 324
Christopher Crawford     – 322
Robert Wolfen                   – 214
Jose de Leon                     – 186

Carol Fontana

Carol Fontana 56

Carol is a Senior Consultant with TransUnion in the software development area. She is a graduate of Purdue University and received her MBA in accounting from DePaul. Her volunteer roles include serving on the Raintree Homeowners Association and coordinator for the DuPage Valley Alpha Phi Alumnae Group. She and spouse Matthew have resided in Glen Ellyn for 10 years. Statement: As we face future challenges together in the village, I will maintain an open mind. It’s the residents who make this community so special, and I will listen first, speak second. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the village board, staff and our amazing community.

John Kenwood
John Kenwood 54

John is Vice President at Capgemini LLC in the Business Transformation & Systems Implementation Consulting area. He earned his MBA in Finance from University of IL. John has served on D41’s Board of Education since 2005 and is current President of the Board. He and spouse Karen have three children and have resided in Glen Ellyn for 18 years. Statement: As a consultant and board member, I have helped corporations solve problems, and have been committed to solving our school challenges. The approach is to frame the problem to solve properly, by listening, and collaborating with others to develop a plan, including developing measures of success to monitor the plan.

Mark Senak
Mark Senak 52

Mark is a partner in the law firm Senak, Keegan Gleason Smith & Michaud, Ltd. He is currently serving on the Village Architectural Review Commission and is an active volunteer parishioner at St. Petronille. He has been a weekly volunteer for DuPage PADS since 2009. He and spouse Laura have three children. Mark has resided in Glen Ellyn for 19 years. Statement: To address the challenges of Glen Ellyn, I will support maintaining healthy capital reserves (25%-38% of revenue) with high liquidity, continuing to post operating surpluses, and lowering debt service payments as a percentage of total expenditures (below 13%).


Molly McGinnis Knapke, 49

Molly McGinnis Knapke, 49

Molly earned her MBA/Finance from Northwestern her undergrad from Notre Dame. Molly has been ac-tively involved at St. Petronille as a religious ed teacher, served on several boards including Bridge Builders, Ben Franklin PTA and D41 Parent Committees including candidate search committees. Molly and spouse Norbert have three children and have resided in Glen Ellyn for 14 years. Statement: The most significant challenge facing the Glen Ellyn Public Library is maintaining its relevancy and usefulness to the community. As a Library Trustee, I will work with the board, library director and staff to analyze these needs and plan effectively for the best use of its resources.

Jill Clouse - 37

Jill Clouse – 37

Jill is a career coach in higher education with the Kellogg School of Management. Jill is a graduate of St. Mary’s College and North-western University (MBA). Volun-teer roles include Lifegroup leader at Parkview Church, PTA Book Fair, Board of Directors St. Mary Alumnae. She and spouse Michael have two children and have resided in Glen Ellyn for 3 years. Statement: I will meet the chal-lenges by listening to our communi-ty needs, thinking strategically and creatively to allow the library to fulfill its mission and I will strive to advise and support the library di-rector and staff as they execute the strategy and continuously improve for the good of our community.

Chris Crawford 49

Chris Crawford 49

Chris is a Managing Director for Accenture, responsible for knowledge management, social and collaboration tools. Engineer-ing graduate (BS/MS) from Univer-sity of Illinois. Active in the Chica-go IT Organization, and former Cub Scout volunteer. He and spouse Therese have 4 children and have resided in Glen Ellyn for 14 years. Statement: I will use my 25 years of experience in information tech-nology consulting, purchasing and management to responsibly guide the Library’s mission of providing digital and physical access to information and of creating a space for shared learning and collaboration

Barbara Rundell, 68

Barbara Rundell, 68

Barbara spent her career as a biolo-gy professor, most recently for College of DuPage. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Rochester. Her volunteer roles include tutoring, PADS, Walk-in Ministry, a board position for Part-ners in Mission. She and spouse Douglas have three children and have resided in Glen Ellyn for 36 years. Statement: The library staff should receive continuing education opportunities in new technology. Partnerships with organizations and open dialogue with the public should insure that programs & materials are relevant and useful. Fiscal responsibility and accountability through budget-ing, fund raising, and diligent care of the library campus are essential.