2016 Town Meeting Minutes

2016 Civic Betterment Party
Town Meeting Minutes


The 2016 Civic Betterment Party Town Meeting was called to order by President Erik Ford at 10:05 a.m., Saturday, December 3, 2016 at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center. A quorum was present. Following the presentation of colors by Boy Scout Troop 41, Erik welcomed attendees and explained the function of the Civic Betterment Party, founded in 1931, which is to allow residents to run for and serve in Village office without the need to organize and finance a campaign. Our motto is “Neighbors Nominating Neighbors.” The nominating process is accomplished through volunteers. Erik thanked the CBP officers and members of the Nominating Committee who support this process, Village staff for assistance with the Town Meeting and early voting, and  Thom and Sue Martin of TMC Squared for maintaining our website. He asked attendees to visit our site; also visit and “like” our Facebook page.

Secretary Barb Lemme read the minutes of the 2014 Town Meeting. They were approved as read.  Erik  Ford presented the Treasurer’s report. He reminded residents that CBP relies entirely on donations to fund its activities. Our funds are currently severely depleted due to an audit required by the State as well as a contested election in 2014. Beginning balance January 1, 2016 $594.36. Contributions to date $2840.46; expenses to date for the Town Meeting and voting $3742.18, leaving a current deficit of $257.36. The report was accepted.

Erik Ford presented nominations for CBP officer and Nominating Committee positions: Erik Ford for President, Barb Lemme for Secretary; Margi Hamilton for Nominating Committee chair; Nominating Committee positions: Sheila Faber, Steve Butkus, Chris Wilson, Michael Lane, Karen Parkinson, Zak Wilson,  Chip Miller, Yadav Nathwani, Andrew Van Gorp, JP Anderson, Sheryl Appleberry, Rob Herbold, and Julie Spiller. There were no nominations from the floor; nominations were closed and the slate accepted by acclamation.

Nominating Committee Chair Margi Hamilton then presented those candidates slated by the CBP Nominating Committee, followed by candidate speeches. For Library Board (3 open positions): Andre Wright, Bob Albertson, Didi Foth, Colleen Trinko, Shannon Burgess. For Village Trustee (3 open positions): Gary Fasules, Craig Pryde, Bill Enright, Philip Piscopo.  For Village President: Diane McGinley. Patrick Hoffman was nominated for Village President from the floor. With no additional nominations, nominations were closed.

Committee members will be circulating petitions for successful candidates to be placed on the spring ballot starting tomorrow. Our next Town Meeting will be in 2018. There being no other business, the meeting was suspended at 10:47, to be reconvened when the vote count was completed. Polls remained open until 4:00 p.m.

Ballots were counted by the League of Women Voters and results announced and posted on the CBP website. A total of 522 voter affidavits were filed. Those elected (and vote totals) were: Village President: Diane McGinley (405), Patrick Hoffman (write-in 15); Village Trustees William Enright (376), Craig Pryde (328), Gary Fasules (327), Philip Piscopo (217);  Library  Trustees Didi Foth (370), Shannon Burgess (325), Andre Wright (296), Colleen Trinko (140), Robert Albertson (129). The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Lemme, Secretary, Civic Betterment Party