2021 Village Board Trustee Candidates

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order

Gary Fasules

Gary is a Vice President with School Specialty Inc. He has worked in many facets of Village government during his long-term residency in Glen Ellyn. He and his wife Shawn have two children.

Statement: In the foreseeable future we will constantly face the impact of COVID-19 on all aspects of Village life. We will be challenged with balancing the needs of the residents and businesses while maintaining proper funding to provide adequate service levels of Village functions. Given this, we must face the challenge of creating a proactive, engaged community that benefit from Village life. To do this, we must strive to make our Village government more effective and efficient; one that encourages financial stewardship, economic growth and expansion, infrastructure and transparency.


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Anne Gould

Anne has worked in the financial services industry for 16 years, and she has an MBA. Throughout her 21 years in Glen Ellyn, she has volunteered for St. Petronille Church and school, the Crop Hunger Walk, and Benet Academy. She and husband John have two children.

Statement: I would provide a unique perspective to Village governance. In my corporate experience, I focused on improving client experience and working across silos to gain consensus. In recent years, I have participated as an engaged citizen in Glen Ellyn’s civic process. Meaningful citizen engagement and listening to understand will lead to responsible progress.


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Kelley Kalinich

Kelley was the CEO of two local school districts with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She has served as the President of the Library Foundation board during her lifelong residency in Glen Ellyn. She has two teenage boys.

Statement: In our Village, I believe there is the opportunity for a renewed focus on community engagement. While the format of Village board meetings allow for public comment, it does not allow for true exchange of thoughts. This makes it very difficult for individuals to understand one another. I would advocate that the Trustees examine different forums that could augment Board meetings allowing for interaction with community members. Potential models could include focus groups, “coffees” with groups of two Trustees and community members, surveys on targeted topics and forums providing information on timely topics. I want to be a part of positively moving forward for the betterment of our community.


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