2023 Village Board Trustee Candidates

Candidates are Listed in Alphabetical order here, and will be on the ballot for the Consolidated Election on April 4, 2023

Kelli Christiansen

Statement: I plan to continue to focus on growth at a reasonable cost, carefully considering budget expenses and revenues in light of new developments and weighing that with the historic charm and character of the Village of Glen Ellyn, and to ensure that Glen Ellyn remains a welcoming village for all.

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Donna Jean D. Simon

Statement: As a long time resident of Glen Ellyn, I would like to contribute to the growth and longevity of a beautiful community. There are opportunities to be a more inclusive community and I would like to see those pursued. I also want to work with all community members to hear their concerns and work to protect the rights and privileges of all who live in Glen Ellyn.

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Steve Thompson

Statement: There are significant challenges and opportunities facing Glen Ellyn. We need to continue careful planning and oversight of all our capital projects which include the Streetscape, Train Station, New Park, Hotel site and new commercial developments. I support our community traditions while embracing new ideas and events for Glen Ellyn.

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