2020 CBP Nominating Committee

As of early September 2020, appointed members of the Nominating Committee for 2020-2021 are still being sought. If you have an interest in serving on the Nominating Committee, please contact Jim Burket at 312-485-2409 or at jkrcburket@sbcglobal.net.

Members of the CBP 2020 Nominating Committee:

      • Britta Albrecht
      • Ray Campbell
      • Josh Cattero
      • Robert Duncan
      • Rob Herbold
      • Mike Klingele
      • Jim Meyers
      • Chip Miller
      • Mark Pfefferman
      • Rick Scheck
      • Julie Spiller
      • Zak Wilson

      The CBP Nominating Committee consists of up to 16 residents elected at the previous Town Meeting. Open spots may be filled by appointment.  Please see our by-laws for details.

      Wide representation of the community is sought. The CBP bylaws require the Nominating Committee to have balanced representation from within the Village of Glen Ellyn.

      Role of Nominating Committee:

      • Raise public understanding that CBP assures quality, non-partisan government and volunteer involvement.
      • Promote resident involvement and support (includes supplying names for CBP’s fund-raising appeal).
      • Recruit potential candidates for Village and Library offices.
      • Interview potential candidates to determine their interest and qualifications.
      • Nominate candidates.
      • Prompt residents to attend Town Meeting and vote. (Note: Members promote slate, not particular candidates.)
      • Help as needed at the Town Meeting.
      • Circulate petitions and work to get candidates elected if opposed.