2022 – 2023 CBP Nominating Committee

As of Mid August 2022, appointed members of the Nominating Committee for 2022-2023 are still being sought. (1 spot remains open)

If you have an interest in serving on the Nominating Committee, please contact:

Josh Cattero

Phone: (630) 391-1581

Email: jcattero@gmail.com.


Members of the CBP 2022 Nominating Committee:

      • Britta Albrecht
      • Casey Baldin
      • Becky Beilfuss
      • Jim Burket
      • Steve Butkus
      • Josh Cattero
      • Robert Duncan
      • Rob Herbold
      • Matt Jones
      • Mike Klingele
      • Barb Lemme
      • Mike Lullo
      • Jim Meyers
      • Mark Pfefferman
      • Rick Scheck
      • Julie Spiller
      • Jeff Stevenson
      • Chris Wilson
      • Zak Wilson
      • Jake Yarnell


    • The CBP Nominating Committee consists of up to 16 residents elected at the previous Town Meeting. Open spots may be filled by appointment.  Please see our by-laws for details.
    • Wide representation of the community is sought. The CBP by-laws require the Nominating Committee to have balanced representation from within the Village of Glen Ellyn.

Role of Nominating Committee:

  • Raise public understanding that CBP assures quality, non-partisan government and volunteer involvement.
  • Promote resident involvement and support (includes supplying names for CBP’s fund-raising appeal).
  • Recruit potential candidates for Village and Library offices.
  • Interview potential candidates to determine their interest and qualifications.
  • Nominate candidates.
  • Prompt residents to attend Town Meeting and vote. (Note: Members promote slate, not particular candidates.)
  • Help as needed at the Town Meeting.
  • Circulate petitions and work to get candidates elected if opposed.