Candidates are encouraged to campaign. In the context of the Civic Betterment Party process, this means pursuing low-cost and low-key efforts to bring person’s candidacy to the attention of voters and, especially, to encourage voters to turn out for the Town Meeting and vote. A major objective of the CBP process is to limit the expense and stress of being a candidate—thus, the CBP hopes that production of expensive campaign materials, paid advertising and conduct of elaborate events and fund raising in advance of the Town Meeting are unnecessary. But the choice is the candidate’s.

The Civic Betterment Party prepares a brochure publicizing the candidates and the Town Meeting and seeks various affordable methods to get this brochure to all Glen Ellyn residents before the Town Meeting. In addition, press releases and other publicity are released to the local media and similar information appears on the Glen Ellyn home page on the Internet. The CBP has also created lawn signs and window signs for downtown merchants to encourage attendance at the Town Meeting.