About voting and the Town Meeting

The Town Meeting is called in advance of election dates to allow ample time for filing petitions, typically no later than early December. A quorum is the lesser of 10% of the entire vote cast for all candidates for village president in the last general election or 50. Each voter in attendance is entitled to cast one vote for each vacancy to be filled.

Glen Ellyn residents may also vote early on several dates at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center or at location(s) to be announced prior to the Town Meeting.

When residents vote, whether early or at the Town Meeting, identification is checked and an affidavit is signed by the voter to assure that only Glen Ellyn residents vote. Regardless where you vote, masks will be required.  The affidavit certifies that they are a citizen of the United States, 18 years of age or older, and for at least 30 days prior to the date of the Town Meeting have resided within the incorporated Village of Glen Ellyn limits. Voting is by written secret ballot. Cumulative voting is not permitted.

The principal business of the Town Meeting is nominating candidates for village and library office and election of CBP officers and nominating committee members. Also, the Party statement states, “after business has been transacted at the Town Meeting, other subjects important to the community as a whole may be discussed. These subjects may include, for instance, reports of the representatives of the various Village boards on matters which may be of interest and significance to those in attendance.”

Candidate speeches are limited to three minutes for library board candidates and five minutes for village president, clerk, and village trustee candidates. The speeches are televised on local cable. Speeches are given by candidates in reverse of the ballot order. Ballot order is drawn at random.

No campaign materials besides the Civic Betterment Party brochure are allowed at the Town Meeting. No candidate campaign materials will be allowed in the Civic Center nor within 100 feet of the Town Meeting site.


All ballot collection boxes are in the back of Wiedner Auditorium. All candidates remain in Clayton North, or in the designated seating area in Wiedner Auditorium, while balloting is open.

Registration and Vote Tabulation

Traditionally, members of the League of Women Voters of Glen Ellyn have graciously assisted the CBP by tabulating votes. CBP members tabulate election results for CBP officers and nominating committee members.

Vote tabulation typically begins at approximately 1 p.m. Each candidate is allowed, if desired, to have one poll watcher in the tabulation room during the vote counting process. This is not mandatory and is at the discretion of each candidate. The poll watchers may not participate in, nor interfere with, the vote counting. Once the poll watcher enters the counting room, he or she must remain in the room until all ballots are counted.

Announcement of results

The CBP President appoints three election judges—traditionally supplied by the League of Women Voters—to count and certify the results of the elections. The results are announced at the Civic Center at the conclusion of the tabulation. The Town Meeting is adjourned after the announcement of results.