2022-2023: Civic Betterment Party Officers

CBP’s officers for 2022-2023:

President Josh Cattero
Vice President Steve Butkus
Nominating  Committee Chair Zak Wilson
Treasurer Chris Wilson
Secretary Britta Albrecht

The officers of the Civic Betterment Party, who are nominated from the floor of the Town Meeting and elected at the Town Meeting, are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman of the Nominating Committee (see “Committee” page). Officers serve four-year terms. The President, Secretary and Chairman of the Nominating Committee are elected in the same year in which the Village President is elected and the other officers are elected in the election years in which there is no presidential election.

The President presides at CBP meetings and is responsible for the progress of the Party’s work. He/she appoints Nominating Committee members, and may appoint a Policy, Goals, or Platform committee. The Vice President serves in the President’s absence and undertakes duties assigned by the President. The Secretary takes minutes, gives notice of meetings and keeps records. The Treasurer supervises fund raising, makes disbursements and prepares financial reports. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee presides at meetings of the Nominating Committee. The officers constitute the Executive Committee that meets to administer the CBP’s affairs.